Custom Built Rifles


H2 Creations LLC specializes in custom built long-range precision bolt action rifles.  Call us today to discuss your build.  From F-Class or PRS competition to hunting, we will build a rifle that meets your needs.


Remington 700 Mods


The Remington 700 action can be made to shoot incredibly well.  From the factory, it’s tolerances are a bit sloppy vs precision rifle standards, but we can remedy that for you.  We can perform several modifications to increase the accuracy of your Remington 700.  Check out our list of available options and pick what is appropriate to meet your individual needs to upgrade your Remington 700.


Precision Barrel Work


We offer several services including custom barrel installation (chambering), crowning, muzzle threading, and barrel tuner installs.  Please let us know how we can assist you.


Custom Machining


We can assist you with your custom machining needs.  We have served various customers including aerospace, food service, and industrial.

Shooter's Garage

Shooting equipment, rifle parts, and stuff that is just laying around that needs a new home.  

On Sale

Check out our inventory of special sale items.

Reloading Components

Let H2 help supply your component needs from the manufacturers you know and trust.

Gun Cleaning Products

H2 carries top of the line products to keep your investment clean and performing well.

Pre-owned In Stock Firearms

Choose from our in stock pre-owned inventory.

Shooters Assisting Other Shooters

At H2, we are shooters and hunters ourselves, so we understand the challenges you contend with while in pursuit of that record score or that trophy animal.